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Delhi based Simmi Jagga, a make over artist having worked with people from all walks of life from last five years.

‘My new haircut is not looking the way it promised to…’ ‘The curls falling on my right shoulder is not synchronizing with the left one’ ‘Oh! Look at those dark circles and freckles that just refuse to go!’

These are the though bubbles of a young girl that comes to her mind whenever she looks into the mirror. We all want to look perfect. Just like the girl on the cover page of a magazine. That is one common, basic, unspoken desire of not just every woman but also men irrespective of their age.

"‘Wish I had a fairy god mother like Cinderella who would just remove all the flaws in my face and transform me into a princess with just one swing of her magic want!’"

Now it is possible to turn this desire into reality. Simmi Jagga is here with her magic wand to hide all the flaws and bring out the gorgeous personality hidden in you. Within a short span of five years, she has emerged to be the most sought after name in the beauty, hair and make-up industry. Her rich portfolio include her contribution in bollywood movies, fashion shows, advertisement at all. She is also a favorite and a trusted name for bridal and special occasions. Her work has also been published in top notch publications that include Atlier, Women’s Era, Vogue, Femina to name a few.

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   Delhi & Mumbai